Hey listener!

Hey listener!

I'm Full Beige, a self-taught pianist based in Berlin.

If you're here, you probably want to know more about me, I imagine you want to know more about me and what led me to this crazy idea of becoming a pianist at 30.

For the last ten years, I've been wanting to learn the piano and devote more of my time to it. Shortly after I bought my first piano and spent a few hours learning, I quickly realized two important things.

1- The journey will be way longer than I expected.
2- I want to dedicate as much time as possible to playing piano.

My desire to bring as many people together through music was often frowned upon by pianists claiming that it was impossible to learn the piano at a serious level that late.

However, the last thirty years taught me to stop letting others choose for me because it's never too late to undertake a new endeavor. That's why I've surrounded myself with people who help me grow in a direction that matters and feels right to me.

Usually, curious people ask are quick to ask what kind of music I play. I don't have a clear idea yet. I want to experiment and combine different genres for now. However, I am influenced by artists like Nils Frahm, Lubomyr Melnyk, Hania Rani, and Woody Goss, to name a few.

I know I won't get it right the first time, and I may doubt my ability to compose pieces with my little piano. But I count on you to come with me on this adventure and to tell me when I will be on the right track. I hope you will also enjoy following my journey and listening to the compositions.

In my newsletter and on social networks, I will share my new compositions, discoveries, learnings, fears, failures, and small successes we often forget to celebrate.

Feel free to contact me by email (fullbeige.music@gmail.com), on Tiktok or on Instagram if :
-You are a musician and would like to talk about music, potential projects, or if you think I can help you.
-You want me to compose the sound and identity of your next advertisement, movie, or short film
-You'd like to book me for an event (piano bar, club, festival)
-You want to start playing piano but don't know where to start.
-You want to encourage me in this adventure

If you have read this far, I thank you for your curiosity. I hope we will have the opportunity to talk soon.

I wish you a lovely day!

Full Beige 🌞